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Learn Lead Generation Using Online Tools and Tactics

We live in an age of on-demand content.
TV comercials and Radio advertising are just noise we have all learned to ignore.

Don’t Miss This August 2nd Memphis TN Event

Your customer is looking at thier phone for hours each day.

Want to learn how to get their attention?

Join us for an over the shoulder demonstration of what is working NOW.

Break through the online Noise

  • X Stop X doing what everyone else in your industry is doing, that is the most competitve space.
  • > Start doing what your competition is scared to do!
  • X Stop X focusing on the little bit of traffic to your website!
  • > Start going where your customers spend time online!

There is a commen belief “Social Media is free, right?!?!” WRONG

It takes time and money to get customers online.

Let your competiton continue to do what they see everyone else doing. Let them compete on price with everyone else.

Learn how to start conversations with your prospects online.

They will buy from who they know, will it be you or someone else?

See you at the event!

Bring your questions.

Be ready to take action from your laptop or phone!

See you soon,
Scott (a) DropTheStrap.com

P.S. Send your questions ahead of time to be used as the example. Or book a private strategy session for one-on-one training!


Where is the envet?

Midtown Memphis TN USA. Location will be determined by number of attendees. Use an email that will keep you informed.

What can I bring into the event?

Smart Phone or Laptop is highly encouraged. Any login information to your Social Media accounts. You will be getting actionalble information. A pen and paper will not get you online customers, a smart device will.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Contact scott(a)dropthestrap.com

Can I update my registration information?

Use your best email to make sure you get the location information.

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